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IMTEQ believes that to create values for organization, it should be supported with two main pillars that are strategic management (SM) and self empowerment (SE) which is nailed into a strong foundation of system deployment (SD).

System Deployment (SD) is defined as the attachment and deployment of the management system in organizations. This means that organizations should strive to implement the management systems that are most applicable to the nature of their business. The established management systems in practices currently includes Quality, Management System (ISO 9000), Environmental Management System (ISO 14000) and Occupational Safety & Health Management System (OHSAS 18000) and those system is deemed to be assimilate as an Integrated Management System (IMS).

Strategic Management (SM) is viewed as the ability of organization’s to plan and think strategically to enhance efficiency and constantly staying ahead of the competition. This require strong leadership, effective communication, ability to capture sustainable competitive advantage, practicing continuous improvement process , best practices of operational and organizational management.

Self-empowerment (SE) is regarded as the opportunity to exercise personal discretion/choice and complete meaningful work which lead to employees engagement and well-being. Understanding human character, self-potential development , emotionally stable and self-motivation are essential pre-requisites for self empowerment.

By integrating SD, SM and SE, IMTEQ trust that process optimization, leading synergy and conscientiousness can be obtained which lead to creating value for organizations and society as a whole.


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