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IMTEQ, means Integrated Management Towards Excellence Quality carries the name of a highly committed people in our company in providing quality solution and excellent in service. We strongly believe by emphasizing continuous improvement through a comprehensive quality management program will create a high standard in personal characteristic.

Customer’s satisfaction is always number one priority in our motto. Our training and consultancy services are solidly designed and specially customized in order to meet all individual company’s requirements and good clues in developing and implementing Quality, Safety, Environment and Management Quality Enhancement.

IMTEQ as major contributor to the success of quality improvement programmed has been involved and is familiar with the entire facet of both services and manufacturing sectors. Its Management Consultant/Trainer team, with broad practical hands-on experience and wide ranging industrial background, has worked successfully with International companies on their Quality, Safety and Management System related projects. We call upon inner resources to find quality solution to the challenges at hand.

IMTEQ’s experience and knowledge combined with extensive practical support/training will contribute significantly towards its Client’s gaining certification and recognition in the most effective and economical. IMTEQ prides itself in ensuring the underlying force that enable people to develop and grow substantially in an optimum balance of internal and external management staff understanding by providing in-depth training to selected personnel and constantly advising, directing and discussing with the Client’s management staff to produce a fully comprehensive, integrated and flexible Quality, Environment, Safety and Management System.

To Our Customer We care and it shows….



  • " To Be THE LEADING Performer in Consultancy and Training Provider "


  • To emphasizing continuous improvement through a comprehensive quality management program.

  • To create a high standards in personal characteristic.

  • To fulfill customers satisfaction.

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